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Shiddat full movie download sdmoviespoint – Journey Beyond Love is a 2021 Indian romantic drama film directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Dinesh Vijan under their T-Series and Maddock Films banners. and Diana Penty, and principal photography began in November 2019. Shiddat completed filming in March 2020 and targeted a September 2020 release, but the release was delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film premiered on October 1, 2021 on Disney + Hotstar.


The film begins with the wedding of Gautam, an Indian foreign service officer, and Ira, a passionate social worker. Jaggi, a high-ranking wedding guest, creates a scene and is arrested along with his friends for crashing the party. 3 years later, Jaggi crosses the border illegally with the intention of reaching London, but is caught and brought back to the embassy where Gautam works. Jaggi explains to her that she has to reach London with her love by Monday, inspired by Gautam’s speech.

The film flashes back to three months ago. Jaggi, a hockey player, meets Kartika, a swimmer, and although the two get off to a rough start, they start spending time together, learning each other’s game and slowly becoming closer. After the party, they finally ship. Later, Jaggi learns that Kartika is getting married and asks her why she is keeping it a secret from him.

He replied that he was engaged before she met her and he was sorry. He tells her that he really loves her and tells her that if his feelings are true, he will have to go to London after three months to annul the marriage. He tried to apply for a visa but was unable to get one, so he tried to leave illegally.

After listening to Jaggi’s story, Gautam admits that his philosophy is only acceptance. Ira and Gautam are now separated because Gautam has revealed to the government that the boy selling key rings on the street is a refugee who is staying illegally. Feeling sorry for the boy, Ira breaks up with Gautam and leaves him.

Jaggi should be deported to India. He tried to escape but was captured when he was wounded while rescuing his fellow traveler Bilal. Jaggi’s flight was missed due to paperwork issues. Gautam has to keep Jaggi with him for 2 days until the next flight on Monday morning.

On the way home, Jaggi sees one side of the English Channel and asks Gautam what is on the other side. After hearing Gautam’s answer, Jaggi gets excited and laughs that he can swim and cross the sea. The two enjoy a moment and Jaggi sees a dress on the way and wants to buy it for Kartice. He finally calls Kartice for the first time in 3 months to ask about her size.

He was shocked to hear Jaggi’s voice. He said he was in France and would try to get there by Monday. She doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s joking, but her phone battery dies before they can say more. The next day, Jaggi convinces Gautam to take steps to mend their relationship and calls Iro who wants to talk about it. At the restaurant, Ira asks for a divorce instead and tells Gautam to sign the papers.

He angrily signed the papers and left. On the way home, Jaggi sees a swimsuit and wants to swim in the English Channel in it. Exasperated, Gautam takes Jaggi to the pool and makes him swim continuously, believing that since the English Channel is 20 kilometers long, it is almost suicidal to cover its entire length by swimming. The next day, Gautam is surprised to find Ira at his door and learns that Jaggi, who is missing, is responsible for the call.

Jaggi leaves a note that he will try to bond with Kartika no matter what. She then goes into the sea wearing the bathing suit she saw the other day when she bought it with the money she stole from Gautam to the UK. Gautam and Ira rush to stop him but couldn’t do it in time. Kartika is also worried about her well-being as Jaggi called her earlier and said that he will come for her through the English channel. Jaggi swims as fast as he can, but in the middle of the sea, he begins to lose strength and passes out. He was saved by some strangers. Gautam informs Kartika that Jaggi is safe and is trying to cross the English Channel to reach her.

He asks her if she would really end her marriage if Jaggi crossed the sea, but she is confused and doesn’t answer. Seeing Jaggi’s intense love for her, she fell in love with him. She confesses her feelings to Jaggi over the phone and asks him to take her with him immediately.

Seeing the love between them, Gautam helps Jaggi illegally obtain a passport with a UK visa. When Ira asks Gautam why he risked his career for Jaggi, he admits that he feels guilty because Jaggi is ready to go to unimaginable lengths to find his love again, but he himself is not. For the last time, Jaggi goes to see Bilal and tells him everything.

At the last moment, as Gautam and Jaggi are about to board the plane, Bilal betrays Jaggi to the police in exchange for a job, a house and legal citizenship. Seeing that the police are looking for him, Jaggi hides under the plane.

He gets very cold on the plane and loses consciousness while dreaming of his reunion with Kartika. As the plane begins to land, a cold and possibly unconscious Jaggi is shown falling from the undercarriage of the plane into open space, falling to his death. Gautam reaches Kartika where he calls his wedding and informs her about Jaggi’s accident.

At the end, Gautam and Ira are shown to reconcile and Gautam tells Jaggia’s passionate love story to his friends at a party hosted by Karthika as they remember him, while he ends by saying that everything is a love story and the only one. the common factor that unites them is the intensity of this love. Lastly, Kartika plays Jaggi’s favorite song to make everyone remember Jaggi happily and while dancing with everyone in the party, she looks at Jaggi’s pictures and misses him.

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