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Logitech keyboard review

Today, we have Logitech keyboard, and I am really excited. Here, I have 10 wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse combo, we mostly review gaming gadgets on this channel but not everyone does gaming and there is type of audience as well who want a normal keyboard mouse in normal setup for business work, meetings or other office works. So, I have ordered 10 Logitech keyboard and mice combo for them in the recent sale So,

all this cost less than Rs 1500 This one is slightly expensive, and it looks good, All the other are for less than Rs 1500 I have ordered all the bestselling ones from Amazon.

So, Let’s start the unboxing one by one the first combo is the Logitech keyboard 107 and this one cost Rs 600 which is the cheapest one Let’s see what all is present there in the box. Firstly, we have the keyboard and a mouse. Their budget was so low that they have given polyethene’s they haven’t given user manual as well. In Rs 600, You will get this type of quality.

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If I bend slightly higher than this will break immediately It is already broken, it’s built quality is very basic. And it comes in a full-sized layout with numpad So, those who have a very low budget, and they want a numpad can consider this and here, we have some elevation clips, and all these combos will run on AAA or AA batteries and in each of them, you will get 2.4 Ghz dongle for connection and in this we will get a 3-button mouse and its quality is also very basic.

So, what else will we get in, Rs 600 But we can expect only this much is Rs 600 and I used this, and the typing experience and mouse usage was very basic In Logitech keyboard, you get a one-year warranty. I will cover the other warranties as well Second is Portronics Key 2 combo and this one costs Rs 1100 The pricing is according to the day of making this video. If you are watching it later,

It comes in a flat look and the keys look good It scroll wheel files like sphere, but you can move it in one direction only and we will get a user manual as we have paid money. It is a 10 Logitech keyboard i.e., no numpad is there and this also runs on external batteries So, you can use them and along with that you get a 2.4 Ghz dongle Their battery backup is mentioned on the website,

boxes. Some have 12 months, some 24 and some 36 months So, It will easily give you a backup of 1-1.5 years if you use a good cell I reviewed a combo and I will include it in this video as well,

I inserted the cell in this approximately 1.5 years ago But it still working So, You can get an idea from that And we get 1500 DPI in its mouse and the overall experience is going to be good, I have used it Those who need a numpad shouldn’t buy this because this doesn’t have that If you want a small Logitech keyboard and a clean setup, Then you can consider this Talking about warranty,

It was not mentioned anywhere so you will get 1 year warranty as usual The ergonomics of the mouse are really good. This is a very simple 3 button mouse and there is no issue while using. One more thing that the clicks are silent, it has this type of sound I liked this. And the Logitech keyboard typing sound is also almost negligible So,

the third number, we have Logitech keyboard 500 combo in white color This combo costs Rs 1250 First look is amazing, build quality is also great. And the mouse is also good and it comes with silent clicks You can see, The build quality is amazing according to Rs 1200 It feels sturdy while holding And it has chicklet types of keys, Its very silent and the typing experience is going to be good On the top,

There are dedicated multimedia buttons and there are 3 extra office buttons as well For mail, Star and home And as I told you that these work on cells. So, you will get the backup according to the battery and in this as well, you will get a 2.4 Ghz dongle. Talking about the real life experience The mouse is small and the experience is going to be good and if you want a white looking setup Then you can definitely consider this combo,

It’s really good and the build quality is also great According to the price The best part Logitech keyboard that you will get 3 level DPI in mouse which can be changed through this button in mouse And this is a full sized keyboard with 119 keys layout. So, if you are going to do calculations Then you will get numpad in this.  So, it is good according to Rs 1250 After that we have Logitech MK215 and this one costs Rs 1295 It is Rs 45 costlier than the previous one.

Logitech keyboard and mouse combos are also sold in huge amount on Amazon So, I also thought to order this This is the keyboard and a basic mouse, and they have given batteries in the previous one, this is the dongle There are 2 AAA batteries and 2 AA batteries as well. So, they have charged Rs 45 extra and for that, you are getting these cells and the build quality is not good according to Rs 1295 Let me show you Why are these sounds coming?

Its build quality is not good as per Rs 1295 because Portronics and Logitech keyboard had better build quality This is expensive but it’s not that good Here are some elevation clips and here. You can insert the batteries and the overall experience is going to be basic like a normal Logitech keyboard and the mouse is also very basic and there is no option for DPI control This is a 3-button mouse, and you can insert the cells here and in this as well We get a 2.4 Ghz dongle and we get 1000 DPI in this mouse,

There is no adjustment You already know that Logitech keyboard peripherals are costly. What else, will you expect in Rs 1295 I would say, Portronics is better than this if you want a 10 key less keyboard or if you want a full-sized keyboard, then you can go for Zebronics Zeb 500 Don’t buy this

The next combo is also of Logitech keyboard, this is MK 270R And this one also costs Rs 1295, These Logitech keyboard combos were also in most selling So, I thought I am getting 2 for Rs 1295. So, we need to see which one is better This one seems good!  Where is the mouse? This is a full-sized keyboard, it includes numpad and it has a basic 3 button mouse, and the mouse is small, and its ergonomics are good.

And the build quality is not that good It is definitely better than the previous one. So, if you want Logitech, you can definitely consider this one for Rs 1295 The typing experience is really good and at the top, there are multimedia and shortcut buttons and here is on/off key which is present in almost all the Logitech keyboard and in this, the cells are already there.

That’s why this thing comes in this in the mouse as well, the cells are present here and it also comes with a 2.4 Ghz dongle You can keep it here when not in use. So, if you have a budget of Rs 1200-1300 then you can go for it and there is one benefit of Logitech keyboard i.e., 3 years warranty so you can trust it and the build quality is not as good as the other keyboards in a lower price range in this mouse as well, you get 1000 DPI And yes,

The next combo is from Dell. Dell, HP, Logitech are popular in the budget keyboard and mouse segments So, I thought to order Dell as well and this one costs Rs 1350 The budget has increased slightly. Let’s see whether it justifies itself or not Damn! Packing is good Here is a mouse and the build is okay according to the price and this is our keyboard, and its quality is amazing according to the price and this is chicklet keyboard.

If you want a basic keyboard with low sound, you can go for this It also works with dongle and batteries. This mouse also supports 1000 DPI And this one cost Rs 1350. If you want to go for Dell, you can buy this one. Rs 50-100 price difference in there And I found it better than Logitech and in Dell also you get 3 years of warranty

The next combo is from Lenovo. I thought to order this one as well This is Rs 30 expensive than the Dell combo and I got it for Rs 1380 Let’s see what extra we get in Rs 30 extra. Alright, so this is also a full-sized keyboard,

and this will occupy a very little space The initial look of the Logitech keyboard is nice, and this is also a chicklet keyboard, and this is also a silent keyboard, and it comes with a numpad. It has a 3-button mouse with basic ergonomics and this mouse also supports 1000 DPI There is no DPI adjustment. DPI adjustment is only present in the Zebronics combo, and its build quality was also amazing Talking about the build quality of this keyboard,

its build quality is also same as the Logitech keyboard Its slightly better than Logitech. Rest, The overall ergonomics are also fine And there is no issue while using and this one also comes with a 3 year warranty Then comes this combo i.e. Logitech MK 240 and I have been using this keyboard from the past 1.5 years And I am satisfied with this but this is only for those who don’t want a numpad This is a 10 key less keyboard, It will occupy less space on the table and the mouse also looks cute In this also, We get 1000 DPI and this works on batteries.

I inserted Duracell’s 1.5 years ago and it’s still working and at the top, we get dedicated function keys for multimedia and this one cost, Rs 1375 And this has 3 years warranty, build quality is good, And the looks are good So, if you want a mini sized Logitech keyboard, then this is my personal recommendation and in the starting days of my channel, I reviewed this. You can watch it after this video if you want to After that, the last combo is HP 330 keyboard mouse combo, and this is most expensive among all of them This costs Rs 1455 and this is the last combo under Rs 1500.

So, it has a basic mouse just like all the other combos It also has a chicklet feel and multimedia keys on the top and the overall experience is good Overall, the build quality is good. It’s not up to the mark according to Rs 1450 It doesn’t have elevation clips, we get basic elevation, and the mouse is also basic, and we get 1600 DPI in the mouse, and this is also battery powered, so you will easily get 1-1.5 years of backup If you use Duracell battery.

I am saying this because I am using Duracell and 1600 DPI is constant in its mouse, you can’t change it After that comes the last combo by Key bee and this one cost Rs 2750 This is also a membrane Logitech keyboard, but it was looking really beautiful I already bought 9 and was confused regarding the 10th. So, I chose this on the 10th place I was just taking it out and the button just got removed, let me put it there again So, I really liked the looks and I thought to order.

And it feels really beautiful It feels like a typewriter. Same kind of mechanical keyboard is also available from Logitech, but this is a membrane keyboard You will get a brush along with it for cleaning. And here is the mouse which seems very interesting There is a spherical wheel in the center and it looks really good Here is the DPI button seperately and I used this and it feels the same as other membrane keyboards But in this,

The keys are slightly lifted upwards so the feels is good according to that And it looks good while lying on the table and it is available in other awesome colors as well You can check them out, I will give the link in the description. This costs Rs 2750, and I don’t know about its warranty,

And I don’t even know about the brand. Looks are great, so you can buy this If you like this This was the review of 10 Logitech keyboard and mouse combos. Let’s keep this aside as this is costly and not useful for office people or other normal users Talking about the other 9 combos, which one did I liked the most?

In 10 keys less, I liked the Portronics combo and MK 240 which is of Logitech you can consider them if you want a compact size which will occupy less space on your keyboard Talking about full sized keyboards, The best one was Zeb Companion 500 Because we get DPI arrangement in mouse plus its build quality is just amazing So, you can keep it on the first priority.

Logitech G102

On the second, I won’t any Logitech combo Because in Rs 1200-1300, I didn’t like the build quality. After that, you can also consider the Lenovo or HP combo You can ignore the other combos, The reason behind buying these 10 Was so that I can differentiate that which one is better.

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