Gaming Keyboard Under 500

Today, I have got 5 keyboard mouse combos. From a long time, I was bringing mechanical keyboards It is not necessary that everybody likes mechanical keyboard, some of you just want to have an RGB keyboard and a gaming keyboard mouse combo in a cheap price. So, Today I have got 5 keyboard mouse combos below Rs 1500.

The first and cheapest one if the Offbeat’s Slayer combo. This is the cheapest among them and its cost is Rs 999 So, Let’s see what kind of value it offers the buttons are already out Very nice Offbeat Haww, what is this. This is not broken. Just the keys are removed accidentally Let’s install them again So, according to my first impression,

The build quality is not good It is not good even according to Rs 999. This is a very light keyboard, and this is in complete plastic build, but the quality is not good This part is broken, it might be broken during the transportation We can’t blame the brand for this. But yes, it is not good according to Rs 999 Let’s have a look at the mouse also.

This mouse is also broken, Here the lock is broken and inside, there is an iron piece to add weight to it This is the mouse from inside. I have already told you not to buy this one in Rs 999 And it has proved himself as well. But don’t judge the brand from 1 item only This is my personal opinion. Some items are not good.

I don’t know who suggested me this one on Telegram Have a look at the quality of this keyboard. It is properly bending. Let’s keep this aside. We won’t give you any detail regarding this After that comes the second combo which is Evofox Xteam gaming combo Let’s open the box quickly, OH, Stickers. We have reviewed some items of Evofox previously and there were 2 stickers but now there are 4.

Stick it on your Almirah at the home. If you face any problem, then WhatsApp them. This is our keyboard; its build quality is really good. And here, we- have the mouse. This one is also good This keyboard comes in 87 key layouts. It is a 10 key less keyboard and this combo costs Rs 1299 and according to that the first impression is good Here, we get a 3-zone backlight or RGB R is in the middle, G is on the left, And B is on the right You can also change the light effects,

this is our breathing mode, and this is the single buff mode There are only 2 effects. And from here, You can turn the lights On/Off I won’t tell you about the typing experience and gaming experience because what else will you get below Rs 1500 You should know how to play the game, A costly keyboard doesn’t make you Shroud In this,

we get elevation clips and the build quality of this keyboard is good according to Rs 1300 This is our mouse which comes in a proper plastic build. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 So this is a 6-button mouse It comes with a Pixart 3168 gaming sensor, and this is not a dedicated gaming sensor It was mentioned on the box, So I told you about that In this mouse, We get a maximum DPI of 3200 and the polling rate of this mouse is 1000Hz We also get software support with mouse in Rs 1300.

Let me show you the software This is the Evofox spirit gaming mouse. Here are all the button options And here are different RGB modes according to your choice. Here are RGB settings. You can customize color according to DPI And this is our polling rate. You can set the polling rate.

By default it is 500 and if you set it to 1000 The experience will be very smooth while using the mouse Here are the settings where you can set the DPI according to the number Then in advanced we have Moment speed, Double click speed and wheel speed After that, You have Macro. You can customize any button as you do in any other keyboard And we can change the DPI through this button. And through this, you will see different colors We get different colors on different DPIs.

It can go up to a maximum of 3200 And you get a braided wire with the keyboard as well as the mouse. It is not that thick But it is good according to the price. And the wire length is approximately 1.5 meters. So, It will work Now I have shown you 2 Keyboard mouse combos. You can consider it as only 1 I will further show you 3 keyboards. You watch so much items on the channel. Then you might do buy something And you will get Cashback As soon as the integration comes, You start skipping No,

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I will tell you about this later So, Don’t leave the video. Now’ Let’s unbox the third one The third combo is HP Gaming Keyboard and Mouse KM300F. They should have given it even longer name than this The packing is very solid. This is our mouse and this is a combo. This is a basic and simple HP mouse And here, We get our keyboard, These are some manuals. So, The initial expression is really good On the top, We get a metal frame.

The build quality is really solid The keys are also very stable and the back portion is made up of plastic but the quality is really good And here, We get some clips for elevation on both the sides and this wire is not braided. This is a thin rubber wire I am slightly disappointed with this. You will get the same wire in keyboard as well as in mouse And this is a 5 zone RGB/Backlight keyboard.

This is a membrane keyboard Red, Yellow, Green, Neon and this is purple We can change its brightness through Fn+Pg up and down. This is also a 6 button mouse These are the 2 buttons and then the 2 main clicks, One scroll and one button for DPI control And it comes with this Type of RGB. This is basic but it looks cool. And when we change the DPI, The colors also get changed And it supports a maximum of 6400. The type of sensor is not mentioned on the box So,

We won’t tell about that And this keyboard comes in 104 keys layout. This comes at a price of Rs 1350 And according to 1350, I liked it. The only drawback is that it should be having a braided wire Other than that, there is no issue. You can tell me your thoughts in the comments The polling rate of the HP mouse is up to 135 Hz. Then we have the Ant Esports KM 540 Its packing is also good.

This one seems good We have a keyboard, Then a Rs 500. Those who want, Scan it whosoever wants this Then we have this warranty card and 1 paper saying welcome to Ant Esports Seems they have adopted you by selling a Keyboard and mouse And this is our mouse. This mouse is the same as KM500 but there are some upgrades in the keyboard The first thing is that they haven’t given a braided cable.

This is a normal thin wire. But the mouse has a braided cable But the build of the keyboard is really good. Here is the Ant Esports branding. You will also get a wrist rest Below this, there is a metal covering. The keyboard quality and the key stabilization is also good And this comes in an elevated design which is really good according to the Ergonomics On the backside, You also get clips for elevation. Is this removable? I was trying to remove this but this has been broken.

So, Don’t try to remove it You may remove it but it is your responsibility. Today, A lot of Items are breaking So, We have connected and the look is really beautiful. It feels very premium according to its price I forgot to tell you the price. This one costs Rs 1450. So, Here the key stabilization is also good And this comes with 4 zone RGB and we can change different effects as well Here, We get 4 effects and 1 is the off mode. Breathing mode is also available after pressing fn+light So,

This is a really good thing. There is a different color in each zone In every zone, There is green color, Blue. So this thing makes it stand out And don’t take the breakage part seriously, I broke it by mistake but the build quality is really good This is a 7 button mouse, This + and – is for DPI. These are the main clicks, Scroll, 2 buttons for front/back The build quality of this mouse is good.

Here, You get a rubber finish So, The grip is good. From the bottom, It is in complete plastic. Here are all the lights and when we change the DPI, The colors get changed according to different DPIs As I set the DPI to the minimum, The color is changing slowly. It will change fast if we set the higher DPI and the color will also change And its max polling rate is 130 Hz.

This is our keyboard and its quality is literally amazing. And this one has cost me Rs 1490 Here is our mouse and the build quality of mouse. On the top, Their is rubberized texture And on the sides there are grips. So, it will feel good while holding Holding the mouse The main disappointment is due to the wire. Here you won’t get a braided wire It comes with a rubberized wire and the wire quality is decent.

Here is the Cosmic Byte logo and it has wrist rest Its build quality is really good and the look is also great. Here, You get the elevation clips Here, We get a full red-colored keyboard. The lights may be changed as well Now it has become blue as well. The light is glowing up in all the cuts as well In the Cosmic Byte logo, and on both these sides as well. From here, We can change the color of the keyboard.

Red, Blue, Purple and off If you press fn+light, You will get breathing mode. All the 3 light modes can be changed The keys are also very stable and the typing experience is also good. So Overall, The keyboard is really good According to its price. The main drawback is the wire And this is a 6 button mouse 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6th is the scroll button and this is a DPI button. And here is the light which glows in the Cosmic Byte logo as well as And on the edges as well.

The build quality of the mouse is really sturdy. In this, The light color doesn’t change when we change the DPI Currently, It is in breathing mode. So, You have to check the DPI by moving the mouse And its maximum polling rate is 130 Hz. So, There is no issue according to 1490 I forgot to tell you one thing. In all these keyboards, you will 19 keys anti ghosting In membrane keyboards, All key anti ghosting is available in a few keyboards That was the review for these 5 keyboards.

You can assume 4 because the first one was useless It was broken but that is a different thing. But according to Rs 1000 it is not that good Its build quality was really bad. I would recommend to increase your budget and try out the other options You can consider these keyboards and those which I have reviewed in the other videos Coming on to the conclusion part,

There is no issue with the remaining 4 combos. In the Evofox keyboard, The mouse is really good because its polling rate is 500+ Rest, You know that higher DPI is useless. Polling rate matters more So, According to the mouse, You can go for the Evofox Combo. The other combos are also great All have amazing build quality, Ergonomics, Keys, Lighting. I didn’t face any issue with the remaining 4 keyboards You can go for anyone out of them because these are membrane keyboards So,

That was all for today’s video. You can also tell me which combo you are using in the comments You can also like the video, Subscribe to the channel. And if you want to buy, The links are given in the description And don’t forget to download the Cashkaro app so that you don’t miss your Rs 25 using my code I will see you in the next video, Till then, BYE

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